Mom, can I buy a book?

Sure, no problem. Need money?
Where are you headed?
To the bookstand on the sidewalk.

45 minutes later...

Sorry I'm late.
That's okay. Did you get anything?
Yeah. This book: Western Civilization.
[It is a thick book] Impressive. How much was it?
Three dollars. And the bookseller is really cool. His name is Vladimir. He told me how he operates his book business.

I realize that A is still scouting for job ideas. The night before, he asked our local Thai restaurant if they'd hire him. They told him to memorize the menu, and check back with them.

Later, we stroll past the same sidewalk bookseller. Hi, I say to Vladimir. I point to my son and say, I'm his mother. He told me how interesting your book business is.
Oh, your son is vedddy smart!
Thank you, I say to Vladimir.
He has brain.
Yes, he has, I say.

I smile to myself. He has brain.


A is still searching for that Harlem Hellfighter.

I plan to follow-up with all the colleges that did not yet respond to my survey from winter.

A had a good time at the photography school last week. The school was somewhat apologetic when he showed up to register and pick up his materials. Sorry you didn't get in last time. We're glad to have you this time. A's instructor looks like a totally fun artsy-fartsy type. I like her. She gave him a lot of homework. A took some photos of the rowers at the boathouse yesterday. No more rowing this week. It's Passover.

The first seder is tomorrow night. We've decided to do ours at home. Because all of New York's seders are totally sold out, even the ones at the 92nd Street Y and the Chabad seder at Gramercy! It's just as well. I will be cooking a vegetarian Sephardic seder. We'll see how that goes...

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