Dreaming? Who Me?

I am reading Dreaming in Cuban. The book confirmed my hunch that it is a truly astounding geographical and spiritual phenomenon that all Cuban women and their estrogen-carrying offspring seem to share the same childhood messaging: You will never amount to anything, your brother/cousin/neighbor Miguelito will, even though he has turned out to be a gay man whose only profession is to write one hit song for Jon Secada and listen to Elton John records from the 1970s until his dying day in 2027, so forget about earning our respect. Go back to tidying the house.

Let me explain.

On the other hand, let me not.

It is 1:50 a.m. and I need to get some sleep and post about something educational in the morning. My other blog, however, Not Gone Fishing, will soon be up. The unadulterated LaMai will return there.

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Tutu said...

I know this is an old post, but I stumbled across your blog via the WTM site, and my interest was piqued when I read of your Cuban roots. I'm the dd of Cuban exiles as well, and I homeschool. In any case, this post had me nodding in agreement with you. I got the same sort of thing growing up. There's no wonder why my confidence is shot! Sigh. (Tutu--btw, I post at TDJ as well)