The NYC Board of Ed Guidance Counselor back-pedals...

I used the word "attorney" not once, but twice, when I requested my IHIP forms from John P. He eventually back-pedaled, and our final points of discussion centered around proof of residence (which was never an issue for us, but for some reason, John P. felt he needed to harp on something, anything, to seem official. It's unfortunate when people do that). I cited other families who live in the Region who did not provide immunization or previous academic records before registering their homeschooled students, which he also references. His e-mail is below.


Dear Ms. LaMai,

This office will be happy to send you the forms and Regulations for home schooling but as I indicated we cannot monitor home schooling for A or send you a “letter of acknowledgement” for your “letter of intent” until you “establish residence in the school district.”

As far as other families and procedures for home schooling, many of these families have been in the system prior to being discharged to home schooling so access to the student’s records are available to us. Immunization applies only if the student will participate in a public school setting for testing.

John P. Something

Regional School Counselor

New York City Board Of Education

Region 00000- Office of Youth Development & School - Community Services


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like back-pedaling to me too, as well as an over-use of quotation marks. I still don't think the guy knows the regulations, however. Oops, I mean "regulations."

Myrtle said...

I bet originally some secretary just sent you a form letter without thinking twice about it.

I had something similar happen to me in another state. It was very anxiety provoking to have the principal yelling at me that I can't pull my child out, blah blah. People in these positions become so freakin' tyrannical and hard butts about everything. When you show them they are wrong legally, they shrug it off and never give it a second thought. 45 seconds later he's in front of the water cooler and has forgotten all about it. Meanwhile the homeschooling parent is worrying CPS is going to show up and yank their kids from them. Jerks. And there is no disincentive for any bureaucrat for acting like this. They can make up all the "regulations" they want and you'll never be punished for it. The worst thing that will happen is that they get told "Don't do that or we'll be forced to tell you not to do it again."

After my one experience with something like this I vowed that I'd never move to another state that put me under the jurisdiction of some local yahoo that has the power ruin the lives of every family living in his "jurisdiction" whether they attend his school or not.

So sorry you are going through this. I will predict it will all shortly get straightened out. You'll be the bigger person for it and I'm glad you are standing up to this jerk and not slinking away. That takes courage. Really. Some years from now this will all be a bad memory and nothing more.

Myrtle said...

"They can make up all the "regulations" they want and you'll never be punished for it. "

I meant to say that THEY will never get punished for it. They get away with it.

la Maitresse said...

Thanks, Myrtle, and thanks, anonymous.

It was the Dept. of Ed. counselor himself who sent me the e-mail (from his e-mail address). He seems to deal with other h'schooling families pretty regularly (some say he's okay, some say he's an iron-fist who simply doesn't know the rules).

We are fresh meat, and well, it was the luck of the draw that determined that he would respond the way in which he did.