Since when did we start re-using the term "junior high school"?

After having been registered as a homeschooler in Florida, we decided to finally register A here in NYC. For months we tried to get a response from the NYC Department of Education. Today, I received this in my e-mail inbox:

Dear Ms. LaMai;

We have received your Letter of Intent to provide home schooling for your son Alexander , DOB XX/XX/XX.

In order to proceed you must provide this office with the following documentation since we must process the student as a new admission to the system and need to update essential information.

Please provide us with the documentation listed below for this student:

· Immunization

· Proof of current address

· Latest school records for the past two years

This office must receive these records immediately to process the home schooling request. Until we have received this documentation your child should attend the local junior high school in accordance with the Regulations of the State for mandatory school attendance.

Please contact me if you need further assistance.

Yours truly,

John P. Something

Regional School Counselor

New York City Board Of Education

Region 00000 - Office of Youth Development & School - Community Services


I have been assured by some members of the homeschooling community that John P. might be a little overwhelmed and not know his Regulations of the Commisssioner of Education. That is okay.

I will e-mail him a nice reply.


NYCitymomx3 said...


Immunization and previous school records are not required. Just send them your IHIP and take it from there. If they send another letter asking for these things, ask them to please point out where it states that this is required in the NYS regulations. You can email me offline at nycitymomx3@aim.com if you want to talk about this further as I think we're in the same region - I deal with the same guy. ~Ang

la Maitresse said...

I removed his actual name. Thanks for your comment. I'll send you an e-mail.

Andrea said...

I used to get a similar run-arpund until I decided just send them a get lost letter and stopped registering. :)

la Maitresse said...

You KNOW? I think we were better off being under the radar here. Now that we're following the rules, we get hijacked.

I am certain that someone has already done the research on this, but I wonder which is the most friendly borough/Region/District for homeschoolers in NYC?

Anonymous said...

The email you received is full of wrong information. Ask him to look at the homeschooling regs (Section 100.10 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education) and point out where he is getting his info. He won't be able to do it because the regs don't require this information from homeschoolers.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Do tell. You know how I love Florida stories! ;-)