I should have checked my horoscope this morning

There must be something strangely aligned in the universe. Because this morning, I found out that:

- I failed a copyediting test but the entity giving the test refuses to allow me to see what I did wrong (I typically score in the 90s),
- My storage handler quit and our things in storage are mysteriously being auctioned,
- My credit card was declined on a transaction,
- Condé Nast is no longer accepting resumés on hard copy.

Can anybody else beat that? (I guess not, because it has been hours since I posted this, and no one has been bold enough to respond.)


Hornblower said...

Jeez louise - that's a hell of a day. Hope it gets better. (perhas you should stay home and avoid answering the door/phone until it's over?)

la Maitresse said...

It gets better, Hornblower. All this wonderful stuff happened in the span of one hour. So I intuitively avoided the phone today (has nothing to do with your comment) and learned that, in so doing, I missed a copyediting job.


Let's see: On Thursday, Nappo got attacked. Today is Monday, and the potty hit the fan. I'll give this spell another few days.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've had some fairly suck-prone days lately, but nothing quite so *condensed*, KWIM?

Hope tomorrow goes better.


Hornblower said...

Pfft is right. But perhaps it was a copyediting job from hell? You might have dodged something ....

Sending you some virtual glendfiddich.