We found you on Petfinder.com this past summer and brought you home. And we have come to not like, but love you. We find that we must constantly take photos of you like this one, where you inevitably find yourself on a pile of books when you pose. You are our biblio-pose-dog.

We speak to you and make doggie commands in French. Oddly, you respond.

You always bring shoes to me and A as if to gift us with them, then quickly pull away if we reach for them. You know how to tease us humans and make us the butt of your joke.

You like to play tug-of-war with our pillows.

You eat bananas.

And salad. And tomatoes.

You lick my hands if I put lotion on.

You stole the super hot spices off the table from our East Indian dinner once, thinking they were food. I spared you the agony of being burned by Madras sauce.

We laugh a lot with you.

You live in a part of New York City where there is much dog-o-phobia. We cannot help the dog-o-phobes, except to let them meet you. Last week, two very frightened girls approached me and asked if you would bite them. I said, "No, not unless you are a lamb and pasta dinner." They gave you a treat. They asked you to sit. You did. They hi-fived you. You hi-fived them back. They giggled and said, "He's so cool!"

Today, Alexander and I meant to take you on a walk to the dog park to get some sunshine. We expected to spend the afternoon meeting that Afghan hound, or smelling the blooms in the park. Instead, a pitbull and another dog rushed out of someone's yard, without collars or leashes, focused on you, and only on you. Not on me or A, but on you. As soon as we saw them, we knew they did not intend to meet and greet and play.

I don't think we ever could have fought so hard against a couple unleashed vicious dogs as we did. After examining your wounds, your vet thinks we were nuts. Indeed, in retrospect, I think so, too. But we don't care. Had it been us on the receiving end of an attack, you would have done the same.

Rest up, puppy. We expect to be teased again with shoes and other paraphernalia very soon.


Mosilager said...

I'd do the same as you :) hope the injuries were not too bad

Writing and Living said...

Poor Napoleon.

Hope he feels better soon!

Hornblower said...

omg. That's horrible. Were you & A injured at all? I hope Napoleon recovers quickly....Was anyone able to locate the vicious dogs?

la Maitresse said...

Miracle of miracles, no injuries on us. A lot of kicking and pounding and beating on the attack dogs - we're shaken up, but okay.

Despite my screaming and begging to get his dogs off Nappo and away from A, their owner stood and watched.

And yes, I have their address.

Calletta said...

Tried to comment earlier, but Blogger got all wonky. Was just going to say that, crazy or not, instinct is to protect one of your own. So good for you and A!

Glad to hear you guys are okay, and well wishes to Napoleon.

That owner, though. . . Not enough bad words for him.

Princess Ennui said...

Napoleon...here is an ear scratch and a hug. Feel better and know that you are loved from afar.

(here's a tushy sniff from Bo and Rogue -Princess Ennui's dog friends- too)

Anonymous said...

Glad you two were not injured, but poor, poor, puppy. How frightening for you all. Hope Napoleon recovers quickly and completely.


liz said...

How absolutely horrible! I hope Napoleon gets better soon! And I hope something is done about the owner of those dogs so this doesn't happen to somebody else!!

Steph said...

I am so sorry you both went through that. I am glad you're both O.K. Napoleon is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you, A and Napoleon were put through such an attack. It really is scary. I hope Napoleon heals quickly, both physically and emotionally. Poor baby.

Can you press charges against the owner of the loose dogs?


S Bent said...

Oh, I'm glad he's better.

We had something similar nearly happen to us many years back. We were walking two of my friend's giant dogs (150 lbs.), and these two pits came running out of a house. The owner did nothing to stop them or even try to call them back, and my friend's dogs were absolute pussycats and would never hurt anything. My friend went absolutely ballistic, screaming and ranting to a degree I'd never heard on anyone before. She scared those pits away and left the owner speechless that his scary dogs scurried away. She told us later that she learned the technique in a class a long time ago.

Becky said...

Poor Napoleon. And poor A. and LaMai. Hope all the injuries, to flesh and spirit, heal...

And a pox on those other pooches and their owner.

L said...

How awful! Lucky you guys managed to escape without physical injury, but poor Nappo...