boating slip, hump.

This week I signed a permission slip to let A go boating on the Hudson river to set up fish traps for the Project's research (the fish are kept alive for studies about species in the River). Big step for A to go boating! Another teen homeschooler at the Project actually owns a boating license from the U.S. Coast Guard. He is one of the most responsible students I've seen in a long time.

A is reading Thief Lord. Still also reading the Einstein book. And D'Aulaire's Greek Myths for English language studies.

Latin is coming along great. The Logic books that we use have so lowered our comfort zone with the authors, it has been an exercise "to prove the authors wrong" about their religious beliefs, which is rather comical. I really do need do find another Logic curriculum, though.

Singapore Science is moving along well. A is learning classification rather nicely. Singapore Math could be better. We are slacking off a bit there.

I actually enjoy teaching, but am starting to dislike the thought of the work that goes into teaching when I am not teaching. I don't know why. I do get an extra latte every day now, to supplement my teaching. Not because I am tired, mind, but because I need that extra "oomph" to teach. I am an "animated" instructor. I do like to make things fun. But I am not animated all the time, hence the latte supplement.

I guess it is a hump. I am sitting before the hump right now.

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