dreaming in Passion...not

Last night I had a dream that I was watching The Passion, only, I was in The Passion. Only it wasn't really the same movie. I was walking along the streets in the Old City...which became very vivid, as I had actually visited several times (I visited during the intifada, too. Not a good time). Because I knew there was violence in the movie, I wanted to get out of the Old City and this dream. There were Roman people there. Romans in Jerusalem make a nasty brew.

There was a guy who looked like J.C., but he sort of looked like my hippie Jewish friend from college, Natan. Natan wore Naot sandals from Israel and had a beautiful beard and eyes of doe-like kindness. He seemed sweeter than Ethan on Survivor. He was unusually gentle, loved everything and everyone, and had a sublime smile. Yes, I think Natan was Christ. Jeanine Garafolo was Natan's girlfriend. I don't know why. Natan's real-life girlfriend looked like a cuter version of Renee Zellweger (which is why, in real life, I never went after Natan myself).

I could not find Monica Bellucci in the dream, which is really a shame, because I really would have liked to have gone biblical clothing shopping with Ms. Bellucci. Alas.

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