Things to do for Kids and New York City

Support children's theater in New York City.

Support this lady. Write a letter to New York politicians requesting that federal - not city - funds for public parks be reviewed for her re-opening to the public. Because we want our kids to remember what our city stands for.

Give to Opus 118 Harlem Center for Strings. Featured in the documentary Small Wonders and Miramax film Music of the Heart. The program still needs help.

Find a niche to help others and Start a New York City not-for-profit. No, I am not kidding. My friend started a not-for-profit and then Alexander told me he wanted to start one "to help people who need it." So, there we are.

Go abroad with your kids. Or - yikes - send them alone! New York City kids are at the center of a symbolic world misunderstanding - but also at a launching point for future excellent global knowledge and understanding.

Encourage your kids to give tzedakah. I use this term for a reason. It goes deeper than "charity." Please note: giving on the MTA subways is by MTA rules, a no-no.

So much to do, so much possibility to create...
...and I still don't have a decent gown for an event this Saturday...ugh...Renee Zellweger, could I please borrow yours from the gold statue thingy from last night? Please?

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