the sun sets on manhattan

...and Alexander has done no schoolwork today. I was busy in a meeting this morning, then I went to a copyright luncheon to listen to a panel discuss R.I.A.A. v. Verizon. There was an attorney who had represented Verizon, another who represented the R.I.A.A., and one who represents P2P United. There were plenty of concepts at the luncheon around which to wrap my head, but I will not share them here. Anyway, during my absence, A was not motivated to work. Maybe I can get him to check this out.

Edit: A just ran in. "Mom!! So-and-so is going to be my study partner!!!I am so motivated to work now!!! I need my Latin book!!! And my Singapore Math book!!! The calculator!!!! OK. Gotta go! Bye!!!"

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