"erm, mom?"

God is love.

Love is blind.

Ray Charles is blind.

Therefore, Ray Charles is God.

(A = B, B= C, D = C, therefore D = A)

A fallacious argument, but good comic relief from the rest of this New Testament-heavy logic book.

Introductory Logic by Wilson and Nance. Statements and Their Relationships, pre-Exercise Six.

New shopping list: Critical Thinking's Mind Benders CD-ROM (If anyone has any suggestions for a textbook that is good and solid and areligious, do be kind and let me know your recommendation...TWTM recommends Critical Thinking Book One "[f]or those who prefer to use a different text".) Singapore Math Wiggle Woods CD-ROM Grades 5-6; pastel paints which I still haven't purchased; a new globe; some fun classroom signs from the Librerie Francaise. And maybe a frame for the National Geographic atlas we have on our wall.

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