the sun also rises

Alexander is still sleeping. I am sitting over the Impressionism issue of Phaedon, turned to a page of Claude Monet's grainstacks. I am looking at a copy that A has drawn of Grainstack (snow-effect) 1809-1, oil on canvas. I know A wasn't happy with his color choices for his copy of the Monet work. We will have to get some pastels, as Catherine suggested.

Shopping list: pastel paints for "impressionist" painting. Maybe a few charcoal pencils, etc., while I'm at the art supply store for A's other art work (We follow Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards).

Today is the Big Day. A will sit the Introductory Level of the National Latin Exam. Our proctor will be arriving here in NYC, courtesy of Epcot Center's Japan Pavilion, at 11 am. Actually, it's my college friend from Japan, Naoko, who will be visiting for three days. She does work at the Japan Pavilion at Epcot. And she said she was up for the task. Free stay in NYC for her, free proctor for me, cultural experience for all of us. A savvy deal, no?

A has told me that Australian aborigines eat kangaroo. I am not surprised they choose the indigenous marsupial. Makes sense. At least, more sense than, "they eat lamb and take a lovely Shiraz wine with it."

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