thank you

In the spirit of recognition of all of Alexander's tutors, teachers, and supervisors, I am going to write thank you notes to each of them:


Dear James,

You are too cool, dude. Like, ice cold. And your 'fro just rocks my world. I still don't understand why you perform viola yet teach violin, or why you have 10 earrings and a chain hanging from your jeans, but what matters it, thus? You went to Juilliard. Alexander relates to you. And your music program performs at Carnegie Hall every year...with Yitzchak Perlman, Yo Yo Ma and Midori. That's kickin'. What more could a parent want?

You rock.



Ocean Science internship:

Dear Chris,

I truly am appreciative of all the guidance and mentorship you provide to Alexander. You are truly an asset to the world of ocean science, as demonstrated by your thorough and enthusiastic teaching methods, including the direction you've given to Alexander with respect to research methods regarding the northeastern oyster...
Plus, you're cute, you have good taste in film, and your smile makes me giggle. What more could a parent want?

Very truly yours,


Hebrew School -

Dear Rabbi B.,

Shalom! Thanks so much for taking A on for Hebrew class!!! Your chesed is beyond belief! His Bar Mitzvah will certainly bring me nachus, and he won't let you down! He is already becoming quite the mensche!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model!!! Let's definitely talk more about the starting the shul/mosque peace dialogue!

Shalom, Shalom!!


P.S. By the way, thanks so much for the gift you brought A from India!! We're so ready to fly to India next year and do yoga with you and the shul! What more could a parent want? Would you like our deposit now? Send me an e-mail and let me know.


Chere Catherine,

Nous vous remercions pour tout votre instruction en francais cette annee.

(And could you maybe take A to the museum a little more often? Thanks.)

Merci, Catherine!!

la Maitresse

Phys. Ed. -

Dear Judy,

You've been great on the swimming instruction! I have no idea what you are instructing/saying to the kids behind the glass and in the pool, but no matter! They're kickin'! What more could a parent want? Will re-enroll next term!



Summer Trip to the South Pacific-

Dear Ellen,

Lawn Guy-land is just toooo much fun each time we go there! No, really, one hour each direction is really No Big Deal!!!! A is really getting a lot of socialization time with your group (and you know how important that is for us homeschoolers, wink, wink!). What more could a parent want? Can't wait to hear about all his adventures Down Under, mkay?!



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