that'll be a martini with my keyboard, and thanks

I am reading The Courage to Write, by Ralph Keyes. I have no idea what to blog today. Absolutely none. So how do writers get writing?

"...writers do learn ways to avoid striding right up the ladder and onto the high wire.

' I linger over breakfast," said Kingsley Amis of his typical workday, "reading the papers, telling myself hypocritically that I've got to keep up with what's going on, but really staving off that dreadful time when I have to go to the typewriter.'

...Many writers engage in anxiety-postponing exercises much as others do calisthenics. They listen to the radio, straighten their desk, catch up on correspondence....E.B. White wrote so many letters that he often had no time left to write anything else. 'Delay is natural to a writer,' said White.

Before he actually began to write, White sometimes mixed himself a martini. 'Just one,' he said, 'to give me the courage to get started.' Such getting-started tactics are based on a respect for fear, an attempt to head it off, negotiate with the demon before it's transformed into full-scale panic."

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