a word about museum entry fees...

I've posted a bunch of new links to museums in the NYC area. Most New Yorkers already know that the signs posted in museums for entry donations (such as at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History) many times, are suggested donations.

Not all museums have suggested donations. But for those that do, if you cannot afford the suggested donation, pay what you can and you will still get in. The purpose of the museums' existence is to educate and be there for you. One millionaire friend of mine joked that at most he'd only pay a penny each time he'd go in to a certain museum. To me, that is insane and blatantly disrespectful to the museum, considering that he really had the funds to pay the suggested donation. He could fund an entire museum wing if he wanted to.

But it illustrates that the suggested donation is not enforced. Even for millionaires.

In case you are wondering, Maitresse still pays the sub-student donation at many museums, as decided by me. I am indeed a student and parent. I frequent museums a lot. I am hoping that one day I will afford to throw big lavish balls for museum fundraisers. In the meantime, I do pay more than one penny, but I typically do not pay the suggested donation.

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