Japan in one day

Naoko's visit in NYC has really opened my eyes to the consumer and cultural world of the Japanese who live here. We visited Kinokuniya bookstore in Midtown. They have a huge selection of manga and Japanese language books for non-Japanese students which Alexander was too thrilled about. Good selection of DVDs for children, also, including Miyazaki's Spirited Away and other of his lesser-known but equally amazing works.
I nearly tipped the cafe worker after we ate a light tea and sandwich lunch there, but Naoko wisely interjected. "No tipping in Japan. No tipping here," she whispered to me, and just in time for me to slip my singles back into my purse.

Then, to a Japanese used books store Book Off. Naoko bought a bag full of books heavy enough to feel like a bag full of bricks, at $1 each (but prices vary). She reports that there are books for children and CDs available as well. Book Off is located at 41st between 5th Ave and Madison. There is also a Japanese supermarket near Book Off.

Naoko also found traditional Japanese sweets such as Wagashi and chips at Kitchoan. Take a peek at the confectionaries. Some are very delicate and very cool.

Of course, I took our guest to JAS Mart (supermarket) on 23rd St., and informed her that there are several Yoshinoya locations should she want to grab a quick beef bowl. She already knew this. I am guessing I did the equivalent of telling an American, after arriving in Tokyo, that McDonald's sells hamburgers and would he like any....

We otherwise avoided the Japanese street in the East Village out of fear of exposed electrical wiring on the pavement. Just kidding. Not.

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