Convention Week

The RNC is coming to in Manhattan. Fun, fun! I believe more protestors will descend on the island than Convention-goers. I don't know how I will participate yet, but A and I have marched a couple of times in the past two years. I also plan to work at BigLaw that week, despite this e-mail:

"We continue to work closely with our landlord to maintain the overall security at BigLaw. We also receive information on a regular basis from a variety of government and security agencies. We will distribute relevant information as we receive it. If you observe anything unusual in and around our building at any time, you should contact Security (ext. XXXX) immediately. Our landlord has recently agreed to allow the NYPD to use some of the vacant first floor space in [BigLaw Building] to set up a command post. As a result, you may notice a heavier than usual police presence in and around our building. The NYPD also continues to use our building as a training location for their [police group named after a Greek half-god] units, which are the heavily armed, anti-terrorism units created after September 11th. You may encounter these police officers, who wear body armor and carry machine guns and other specialized equipment, in front of our building. Please be assured that they are in this location for training purposes only. "

I did not make this up...*training purposes only*!

Hot spit. La Maitresse is going to have fun.

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