Shooting for the bullseye

Okay, I have some Maitresse-y things to do now.

A had his first post-puberty check-up at the pediatrician's today. At 67 inches, he's officially "off the chart." Can I say, Yao Ming? Funny how kids grow.

I have also been strategizing with Catherine how to prepare A for CNED studies this year. The CNED is an educational body in France that, along with the Ministry of Education, provides a curriculum for students to prepare for and pass the French Baccalaureat (the "Bac").[Here, Maitresse went into a rather long-winded and pretentious-sounding blah blah blah talk about the Bac and A's French studies. I have since gotten it out of my system, thank you. Now kindly pass me a cornichon.]

Catherine's concern is that while A is already following a full-time American curriculum, adding CNED studies will push A into academic overload. So we are trying to figure out a compromise. I teach CNED's science and maths in lieu of or in addition to what we're already doing, and Catherine handles the French for the CNED work. CNED requires a second language (other than French) to be studied beginning by age 10. We have English and Latin as "secondary languages."

There are more complications, but I won't go into those now. Right now we have: an American classical curriculum, plus the CNED.

I am otherwise excited about this book find: Find the Constellations by H.A. Rey.

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