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FBI Tracks Potential Republican National Convention Protesters
Law enforcement sources said that in recent weeks, federal agents have begun interviewing people in the New York City area they believe might know about any plots to cause mayhem at the convention, and have used surveillance against possible suspects.The intelligence unit of the New York Police Department has been closely monitoring Web sites run by self-described anarchists. It also has sought to infiltrate protest groups with young, scruffy-looking officers posing as activists. Memo to all vintage/novelty clothing store owners in Manhattan: Be on the alert in the following week for roving bands of uniformed officers buying Che Guevara t-shirts.

Meanwhile, sites have been suggesting people sign up to volunteer for the convention and either not show up or dress and behave conservatively, gain entrance, and cause mayhem from within. It's going to be crazy, kids.

Cops will be dressing like scruffy liberal arts college lefties. Liberal arts college lefties will be dressing like young Republicans. Some real Republicans look like scruffy hipster anarchists. All we need is the Village People to come in and dress like cops... although the NYPD thinks that activists may try to dress up like cops and fake police brutality.

Madness, I tell you! Madness!DON'T. TRUST. ANYONE.Me? I'll be staying home, thank you. "

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