Keep Left.

BigLaw provides company-sponsored car service to get me home at the end of my workday. From the BigLaw building to my address, it is a 20 min. drive. Last night, the driver of my Lincoln Towncar took 1 hour and 10 minutes to finish his mission. He failed to read the road signs. When I realized that we had been driving aimlessly for 40 minutes, I informed him that we were lost. He made a U-Turn. "Is this OK?" he asked me. "You're the driver," I replied, and, recalling the billing horror stories by some employees at BigLaw, I crossed out the "Stops taken" section of my car service voucher. We wound up even more lost. We came across a "Keep Left" sign. "What should I do?" he asked me.

"Keep left," I said.

Half an hour later, I got home. Nearly in tears, but I was home.

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