Random musings.

"Mom, I want to go to Heorot."

I nearly look it up on the map, when I realize where Heorot is.

It's Hrothgar's hall where the Grendel slayings occur in Beowulf.


I am trying to figure out if we can incorporate these into A's bar mitzvah next year. Since we're doing an adventure or India theme, maybe I can take photos of A on an elephant and have them affixed there? No, he's not into animal subjugation. Maybe A eating a mango. Or strumming his air guitar. Or something.


I am watching a show about plastic surgery. A boy with big ears meets with a plastic surgeon. The boy's mother is smiling a lot. I notice that her ears sort of stick out from under her long hair. The boy looks afraid. The surgeon asks the boy if, irrespective of how his mother or father feels, he, the boy wants the surgery. He nods a little.

Before the surgery, the smiling mother asks the boy if he trusts her. He says "No."

While under the anesthetic, the boy cries. The doctors tell him to stop crying. His mother is in the next room, smiling a lot. Her ears still sort of stick out from under her long hair.

I am submitting A's final report to the NYC Board of Education a tad late. I can't believe we got through this year with so many subjects on the curriculum. I think we did okay.

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