Ploy, backfired.

So Fidel is letting his people see Fahrenheit 9/11. Problem is, the reaction from Cuban moviegoers is inevitably - why can't we make films like this? One Cuban woman was openly complaining to a CNN cameraman about the lack of freedom of expression in Cuba. I've never before watched a Cuban in Cuba rant about her country so openly to the foreign media.

Fidel, compay, smoke on that Cohiba and think of another ploy...

And if Michael Moore is the impetus for a newfound freedom of expression in Cuba, then viva la libertad.


L said...

That is surprising, fascinating, and hilarious. What does your Mom think about it?

la Maitresse said...

No idea what my mother thinks...but my soon-to-be cousin from California is in Cuba right now, doing her PhD fellowship research there for UC Berkeley. I will call her sometime this week to get the Cuba-F9/11 scoop. Not an easy task, though. The phone system in Cuba sucks.