My wish list

- I would build my very own Maitresse Classical School. Preferably in the West Village for the "far from the madding crowd" factor, or on the Upper West Side for the "credibility factor."

There would be the Classical Curriculum, of course, plus tons of opportunities for outings, sports, chess, art in museums, music, an in-house darkroom, school newspaper, and academic or interest clubs that students could start or drop at will.

Students will have, by 12th grade, published a softcover book of any length, of non-fiction, poems, or stories, or a story, which they will have had the opportunity to work on from 9th grade. Community service, conflict resolution, entrepreneurship, and sustainability teachings would also factor into the curriculum.

- Alexander starts a rock band, becomes known as the "thinking man's musician," and becomes famous. He credits his success and everything he knows to his classical home education.

- A and I open a Willy Wonka-style candy factory in Williamsburg. Why Williamsburg? Because it's got tons of factory space and it's hip, silly. Plus, that psychedelic boat ride...

- I build a cob house somewhere in North America. Then I build another. And another. Soon, I have a cob house community of homeschoolers who really don't mind living among one another. Or at least, it would serve as a good retreat for like-minded families.

- More parents who don't homeschool notice us who do, and decide that we have got the right idea, take responsibility for their children's educations, and homeschool, too.

- Maitresse gets funding for that thoroughbred rescue farm.

- A takes me up on my RTW ticket offer, and goes around the world after high school.

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