What's not on the shelf?

A wants more Singapore Science (as well as more hands-on, get dirty in the lab science). He has asked me to buy S-Science for 7th Grade ("Interactive Science"). Now. I have a feeling he is going to really zip through the stuff this time. He has seriously got The Bug.

My immediate shopping list:

- Singapore "Interactive" Science for Grade 7.
- Writing Strands to Level 7. Yeah, it's a jump from Level 3. My apologies to the authors of TWTM for not paying attention to their recommendations. The Writing Strands folks state "Level 3 for ages 11-12." I believed them.
- Charcoal pencils of different softness grades to finish our art curriculum.

...and for the near future:

- A decent easel when I can afford it.
- Copier.

My immediate to do list:

- Enroll A in this year's CNED.
- Call up the local CNED tutors (they sound incredibly snooty but seem nice) and schedule weekly in-home tutorials.

My wallet is going to hurt. Sigh.

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