it's centrifugal

A has got the science bug. And not thanks to Singapore Science, the curriculum we use, but thanks to the CD-ROM "Civilization." He is asking for a complete overhaul of everything scientific that we own. We must get a curriculum that is better, bigger, newer, faster, tricked-up, more interesting, more challenging, with more horsepower, and shiny hubcaps that spin round and round. Erm...anyone know a science curriculum like that?


Rebel said...

Hi, we'll be using Singapore Science for the first time in September. I'm wondering what you thought of it? Did you use the third grade program? What did you see as the pros and cons?
I'll definitely keep an eye out for that "Civilization" Cd-rom!
And I like your blog very much. :-) I think I suffer from the same syndrome (and I wasn't even that bad at archery the first time I tried it - it was a lot easier than riflery!).

la Maitresse said...
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Rebel said...

Now see, I was just popping over to say thank you for the offer, but as I haven't yet started to actually USE the curriculum, I can't think of any questions to e-mail you about it.
Only to see that you've removed the comment, lol!
I think you said that you were enjoying the curriculum, but it was a bit on the light side, right?
That should suit my son well. If you used the 3rd grade one, did you actually raise mealworms, or did you skip that part? (Oh wait, that was a question...)

la Maitresse said...

Sorry about that...removed my comment because it sounded as sleepy as I was at the time I wrote it! : D Basically, Singapore Science "feels" like "science light" to homeschooling parents who use it. But it's a pretty methodical program, and I think slower *is* better, at least, at the beginning. Heck, I never covered physics concepts when I was in 6th grade, and S-Science has got that.

Rebel said...

Great! It should be perfect for us then. The one thing I learned last year while doing first grade with my son is that "lighter" is better, and there's no hurry.
He learns a surprising amount by not working very hard (more actually than he learns when I try to "challenge" him).
Thanks. :-)