Siouxsie Sioux is coming! Siouxsie Sioux is coming!

Sept. 5-7 at 8 p.m. at B.B. King's on 42nd St.

Funny, and not too long after my blurb about becoming more Native.


Anonymous said...

::Official Double Gasp::

First Sisters of Mercy, and now Siouxsie?

And you're going to see her *live*? Grrrrr. I will not regret where we live, I will not regret where we live...

I still would like to see the Cure live someday. And Bad Religion.


Orion said...

Heh, I saw Bad Religion on the 14th when I went to Warped Tour! They put on an awesome show. They made fun of the Emo bands, it was great. The Vandals were awesome, too.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Cure wandering through a KMart (don't ask why I was there, it's a place I tend to go EUW! about). Own most of the tapes (now CDs...). Fav is their version of Purple Haze. Have a wonderful time and down one for me.

la Maitresse said...

The Cure at a KMart? I would pay money for that.

(And who are you? I am so curious! Pseudonyms do apply)