A writes a section summary/discussion of Beowulf

A springboard from which we further discuss this section of the action-packed tale. I love his use of the word "Ergo"!
Hrothgar left the hall and had entrusted it to Beowulf since he (Hrothgar) knew Grendel was going to come that night.

Beowulf is about to sleep in the hall and says that any day he can be as strong as Grendel. "Grendel does not know the arts of war, of shield or sword-play although he does posess a wild strength. No weapons, therefore, for either this night: unarmed he shall face me if face me he dares."

Now, wouldn't it be easier and swifter if he used a sword? I know it wouldn't be sportsmanship but Grendel has killed a lot of men, and has been a threat for over a decade. Also, if Beowulf does not use a sword there would probably be less wreckage in the hall and also if he wanted to fight unarmed then he shouldn't have brought the spear and sword in the first place. Ergo, it is better to use a sword no matter how manly Beowulf is.

So, then Beowulf had slept with his bolster (a pillow) under his head and his whole company of sea-rovers (a kind of pirate but more like a Viking) at rest beside him. None of them expected to see his homeland again. (Farther on in the book it was just Beowulf who did it alone so they could just watch him fight instead of worrying. Let Beowulf do the work if he is so great).
Grendel comes near the hall. One man, was spoiling for action. When he went inside (the hall), he sabotaged the building maddening (to crave) for blood. All of the men in the hall would've died if it weren't for one of Hygelac's kinsman was watching Grendel waiting for the first move he would make. The creature did not make him wait. He struck suddenly and started in; he grabbed and mauled a man on his bench and gorged on him in lumps, leaving the body lifeless, and eaten up hand and foot. Grendel's talon moved to Beowulf, bearing in with an open claw, till he found himself in an armlock. He found himself in a grap harder than anything he had encountered in any man on the face off the earth. He could not escape. Suddenly, a terrible scream and strain of catastrophe, the howl of the loser, the lament of the hell-serf, keening his wound. Beowulf's warrior tried to help him. Then, a tremendous wound appeared on his shoulder. "His sinews split and bone-lappings" burst. The whole hall was almost destroyed. He was driven under then fern-banks, fatally hurt, to his desolate lair. The end of his life was coming over him. Beowulf had won.

Well, that's going to cost a lot, hope they have insurance.


Alex said...

Well he didn't fight by himself I should've taken that out. :D

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Don't worry, A, it's just a post showing the bloggy folks just one of the ways we approach our readings. Anything they see of ours is cool. : )

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p.s. to A: What's this business about you being "13" years old in your profile? The bloggy readers will think that you're really 13.

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