Can I please be 22 again?

Students, imagine if you will...

A cafeteria where the food is plentiful, delicious and, yes, free.

A workplace where dogs are welcome and there's no dress code.

A workspace where the technology sitting on top of it is powerful enough to work through any computational challenge you can devise.

A lunch table where you sit down and learn your tablemate is the world's leading authority on a problem you were only vaguely aware existed – and the guy next to her wrote the textbook you used last semester.

A campus that offers not just free meals but also a gym, an endless pool, a volleyball court, razor scooters, massage therapy, laundry rooms and dry cleaning, and (of course) valet parking.

With us so far? Now's when the fun starts. Working at Google means making a positive difference in tens of millions of lives every day. Do you love to critique the design of everyday things? Do you dream of working for an innovative, world-class organization? Are you looking to work with engineers to create products that improve the lives of millions? If so, Google may have a place for you. We hire exceptional people, at all degree levels, BS, MS, and PhD. We have offices all over the world including Mountain View, California; Santa Monica, California; Kirkland, Washington; New York, New York; Switzerland; India; and Japan, all working on the same cutting edge solutions. The people at Google love to work on innovative products and believe passionately in our mission: to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.

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liz said...

So sad, I'm only 35 years too late!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! They are building here in the east valley of Phoenix...

Hornblower said...

Concierge??! Is that you? Itinerary for marlette & guisseppe?? Where you these days????

(sorry LaMai for hijacking your blog)

la Maitresse said...

Oh, please hijack. I am also eager to know what Concierge is up to, as well.

I am dreaming up wild conclusions about her at a Mormon resort in Tahiti.