Waiting for Guidance-ot: Act Deux

When we arrived at NYC Dept of Ed 5th floor to meet Guidance-ot, a heavily made-up woman spoke to us. Were not asked, "Is he expecting you?" but instead we were delivered a stern, "Why do you need to see him." Period. Not. A. Question. And a cop sat waiting on a chair in their "lobby." I guess rumor had escaped that we carry molotov cocktails wherever we go.

The heavily made-up woman told me to fill out a form. In pencil. A very little pencil.

And so, the games began.

Guidance-ot made us wait for 20 minutes in the "waiting area." We marveled at the oh-so-up-to-date furniture.

When he called us in, he repeated things like, "truant" and "out of compliance" and "what has he been doing all this time?" and "how could he have been registered in Florida?" after the third time I pointed to the cumulative hours, dates, and content, which Guidance-ot refused to look at. "Why don't you just read the curriculum and the hours I've worked so far?" A said finally. A looked angry. I was angry that A was angry.

Guidance-ot glared at A.

Guidance-ot is one nasty human being. I smiled a lot let him know, we want to work with you, not cause problems for you. I even touched his arm to soften up his demeanor. He shook his head for the 5,347th time. I finally told him,

Look, we have to go. Do you need anything else from me in order for my son to get that Metrocard?
Oh. I see. Now you need to go. Only three minutes after arriving here.
Actually, no. You kept us waiting 20 minutes in the lobby. Do you need anything else?

It was then that he handed us the sign-in sheet for the Metrocard. I noticed that A's name was already filled out on the Metrocard list. I initialed next to his name. Then Guidance-ot handed me the Metrocard and said, "That is all." He did not get up, no handshake, nor did he say "goodbye." I kept smiling until we left.

"I feel sorry for him," said A. "He looks miserable."
Promise me you'll never get a job like that, A.
"I actually have to promise you? Are you kidding?"


Anonymous said...

I haven't "worked with" the homeschooling department here, but I have "worked with" others there at that 7th Ave building (District 2, I assume) and it was quite the similar nightmare of rudeness, just to get what I was legally entitled to by law -- some day I will tell more of my saga, but for now I must remain anon.

I hope you get your Metrocard promptly!

la Maitresse said...

Actually, we're no longer in District 2, but the problems do seem to be endemic.

And A did, in fact, get his Metrocard!