on Paul and Heather (and me): an editorial

I've been hearing a lot of chatter about the recent announcement made by Paul McCartney and Heather Mills McCartney. That Heather wanted Paul's money all along. That Paul is needy beyond belief, and just could not go a day without the companionship of a woman. Here are my $0.02, and please know that I do not know either personally, these are just my observations:

Heather had a really sucky life before marrying Paul. I would not want her life. I thought her marrying Paul was compensation for some out-of-whack karma. Some type of survival medal. I do admire the things she has done in spite of her life traumas. She was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

But perhaps her life traumas have hardened her and made her passionate in some aspects of her life that one wouldn't expect.

Paul has kids. There are reports that Heather "has behaved much like Yoko Ono" and made things difficult between Paul and his kids. Please don't get me started on Yoko. Yes, you, Yoko. You, who turned your back to me at a party, you who did not encourage John to visit Julian - his own son, for pete's sake. You do not talk to Cynthia and you sure as heck don't talk to May, even though you shoved May on John's lap and forced her to live with John for a year as though she were some Geisha understudy from Gion. Yes, everybody knows, My dear Ms. Ono.

But I digress.

I have no idea if Heather was Yoko Ono to Paul's kids.

I do not know Paul McCartney. I know his work. I know his music and his activisim. I, like Heather Mills, would have a tough time with some British papparazzo yelling at my face "you slag! you scum!" just to capture a photo of me looking upset for his paying publisher, as the price for being married to Paul. Okay, maybe that didn't happen to Heather Mills, it happened to Princess Diana. Just know that the British papparazzi and British press are evil. They do things in Britain that are legally impossible in our country.

Truth be told, I would love to be Mrs. Paul McCartney if the job should actually be available. But - I think I would pass. I have a hefty imagination, but 64-years-old would just be too old.

For me.

Or maybe not.

And no, Yoko does not read this blog. At least, I hope not.


Hornblower said...

So does Yoko read this blog? ;-)

Age, age, age. I don't know. Leonard Cohen is 72. And I still think I'd like him to bring the groceries in.
(have you ever heard Nancy White's song "Leonard Cohen's Never Gonna Bring My Groceries In"?)

Calletta said...

I thought Sir Paul was turning 64 this year?

Heidi said...

You're correct, Calletta. Paul turns 64 next month and has already been on the cover of AARP Magazine for May-June. Writers all over are milking his song titles for subtitles and ledes in their articles.

I, too, would entertain the thought of hanging with Paul for a chunk of time. I've liked him since middle school (1981) when my 7th Grade Chorus sang "Let 'Em In" and the girl next to me told me that Paul had a band before Wings. (My education of Beatlemania has greatly expanded since then.)

However, I'm quite pleased with my own vegetarian, left-handed, bass guitarist of Scottish descent who goes by his middle name. So if the offer comes my way, I'll alert him towards NY, LaMai. ;)

Everyone has one life and no one's is perfect.

la Maitresse said...

Oops. Indeed, he was born in 1942.

S Bent said...

I'm too short, too brunette, too...married.