That's. Just. Great.

So A is working on his Saxon Algebra and I am on my second hour typing up that Individualized Home Instruction Plan now overdue to the NYC Board of Education, which, if I turn it in now means it will essentially be turned in at the end of the year, and I have typed our curriculum based on what we've done under the recommendations of The Well Trained Mind, what we have yet to do this year, and smatterings of my own creative inclusion.

Then the PC froze. My IHIP Magnum Opus on four pages was gone forever. Alas, the NYC Board of Education will have to wait until I receive divine inspiration to re-type the thing.

I have also learned that I allowed Not Gone Fishing to lapse, because the billing notices went to the club on the Bowery and not to me, and a certain Vladimir Piletsky in the Ukraine is now owner of my domain, the domain under which my work was copyrighted, and I suspect that Mr. Piletsky expects me to pay a few thousand dollars to regain possession of said domain.

Well, that's not going to happen. Because I am moving my writings to Blogspot.com.

In other news, I saved our personal things from being auctioned from storage. Because I had a conversation with the storage people that went like this:

Storage Lady: Sorry, we won't take your $200. That won't even make a dent in your bill. It's now over a thousand dollars.
Me: But the owner surely just wants to know that I will be paying the bill in a timely fashion, no? I'll give you $200 every two weeks until it's fully paid.
SL: We can't accept it. $200 is not enough.
Me: Are you sure?
SL: Quite sure.
[Okay, she didn't say "Quite sure" she said something more like, "Hellz naw weeez takin' yo money" tainted in a severe nasal Bronx accent]

Upon which I hung up the phone and marched myself into a Sephora on Madison Avenue.

Me: I need a makeover.
Sales Lady: What are you looking for?
Me: Angelina Jolie.
SL: Um. Okay. Come over here.
Me: Thank you.

After $178 worth of Becca products from Australia, half of which I had to retrieve from Bergdorf's because the latest Becca shipment from Australia for Sephora was detained at customs at JFK, I was ready to go.

Storage Owner Boy: Well, hello!
Me: Hi. Will you accept my $200? You've got to stop my stuff from being auctioned.
SOB: Well, of course I will! Why would we do that?
Me: Your assistant over there...
SOB: Oh, nevermind her! She's new!
SL: I'm not new...
SOB: You're new, okay?
Me: Will you accept payments from me every week, then?
SOB: Of course, honey! Here. I am writing it in big letters here. See? DO NOT AUCTION.
Me: Thank you.
SOB: So I'll see you next week?
Me: Yes, I'll call in payment next week.
SOB: Erm. Okay. Okay, fine. That'll be fine.
Me: Thank you. That's great. You're great.

Sometimes, you just gotta.


Andrea said...

Can you be my girlfriend now? :D

Calletta said...


I've done it, and it's kinda fun. (Not AJ, but, you know. . .)

Becky said...


Go LaMai!

(PS As the mother of two sons, I have to admit my second thought was, there's a lesson there for A too lol)

Princess Ennui said...

And the winner of the "Best Use of a Sephora Makover" is...

What an absolutely excellent use of your superpowers!