I AM: Watching Alexander and Nappo sleep.

I SAID: I would never live in Brooklyn.

I WANT: To publish a very personal story so that I may share it with you.

I WISH: We could drive a Kombi all summer long and not have anything else to do.

I HATE: Moving.

I MISS: Miami. And London. When things get too cold or too rude here.

I FEAR: Things that live in the ocean that could hurt me.

I HEAR: The tap-tap-tapping of this keyboard.

I WONDER: If I will ever work for Conde Nast.

I REGRET: Moving to New York, sometimes.

I DANCE: Middle-eastern but no salsa.

I SING: Arias in Italian when I am alone, the Rolling Stones when A is around.

I CRY: When the comedy is just too good.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: Articulate. Or tidy.

I MADE: It to A's boat race on the Harlem River this morning after working in the Conde Nast building until the wee hours.

I WRITE: Less and less on paper, more and more on the computer.

I CONFUSE: Sienna Miller with Michelle Williams.

I NEED: To live in a big city. But I need more money to live in this city. Good grief.

I SHOULD: Drink more margaritas.

I START: Big projects, which I leave once they flourish on their own and cry about it when that happens.

I FINISH: The things that I feel will truly be beneficial to me and my family.

I BELIEVE: There is a good man out there for me somewhere.

I KNOW: That we'll bump into each other one day.

I CAN: Make people smile.

I CAN'T: Work a cubicle-type job.

I SEE: The dark outside my window, before the time The City That Never Sleeps actually wakes up.

I BLOG: Because I can do it in my sleep.

I READ: On the subway.

I AM AROUSED: By the smell of Taeko's incense that she brought me from Japan.

I FIND: Too many Metrocards with "Insufficient Fare" in them.

I LIKE: Looking at Adrien Brody's photo.

I LOVE: Watching A smile. Swooon.

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