[Blogger has been acting funny, and this is the second time today that I attempt to post here.]

This weekend, I had brunch with The Sartorialist. He took my photo (see below), but I asked him not to post it on his blog. We both people-watched from where we were sitting at our outside table at Coffee Shop. It was actually ridiculous: we would be talking, then our eyes would then suddenly and simultaneously meander off our coffee and onto some young woman or man walking past us in something fabulous, upon which we would agree or disagree about their sartorial choices.

I met with my friend Taeko from Kyoto and we explored the Village (both West and East). We passed a Very Long Line of people in sleeping bags and lounge chairs at Tower Records. "What's the occasion?" I asked. "Pearl Jam," they responded. Tickets go on sale Monday evening (tonight). "Wanna join us?" one mop-haired guy asked.

I took Taeko to the Belgian Fries place on East 2nd Ave. It seems they have a new owner from the Philippines. I know this because when I asked for Roasted Garlic Mayo, they gave me mustard, and I returned it, and a very loud conversation in Tagalog ensued between an older Filipina lady and the guys who do the fries and mayo-giving.

Alexander printed some contact sheets during his Photography class. He is very excited about printing full 8 x 10 semi-glossies.

He had sitar class yesterday and took photos of his sitar teacher. The sitar teacher also brought a lady friend.

We watched Keira in "Pride and Prejudice." Twice. Did I ever mention the story when A was 10-years-old and sent a letter to Ms. Knightly and checked the mailbox for every type of foreign correspondence for six months before giving up?

Napoleon and I went to the park and met up with the Afghan hound. Nappo keeps licking one of his wounds until the scab comes off and begins bleeding again; the vet said it should remain exposed the way it is. I am a total believer in dog saliva healing, but I don't like the way it looks.

Back to reading, writing, and arithmetic...


Becky said...

Great pic! Tres chic, tres NY : )

Anonymous said...

Great photo. If I looked that stunning, I'd post a lot more than two photos on my blog!


la Maitresse said...

...now I am blushing. I am incredibly self-conscious and hate photos. But these two I am okay with.

The one taken with me and SVZ below is by rock and roll photographer Godlis (www.godlis.com).

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