This just can't be a coincidence!

from Gothamist -
May 19-26: Tibetan Yak Cheese Week We were excited merely by the title of this event -- an entire week dedicated to Tibetan Yak Cheese, presented by the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity and Trace Foundation. A week-long celebration of Ragya Yak Cheese: a new artisanal cheese based on traditional Tibetan dairy techniques combined with European gourmet cheese-making expertise. Learn more about the story behind the cheese with Jigme Gyaltsen, a senior monk from Ragya Monastery in eastern Tibet and the extraordinary individual behind the development of the Tibetan plateau’s first yak cheese export. Events include showings of a short documentary film on the project, shot on location; Tibetan Yak Cheese recipes from renowned New York chefs; the exhibition "Thogang: From the Tibetan Plateau" featuring photographs by Lois Conner, and much more. Visit www.latse.org for full details. Latse Contemporary Tibetan Cultural Library, 132 Perry St., Suite 2B, 212-367-7380.

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