Just _ it.

A is reading Flush for pleasure.

He is practicing his guitar for his lesson.

He is working on Saxon Algebra and World History.

I am working on the IHIP. Oh yes, the IHIP. That was once my Magnum Opus of teaching.

I can finish this. No, it does not need to be too long, not too detailed, four pages should be enough, but I need to show these NYC Board of Ed people. I mean, really. Poo on their doubts about me. Poo on their doubts about A's learning.

May I should order some butter tea from the Himalaya Tea House. No, it will delay the IHIP. Or facilitate it. Look at the happy Tibetan drinking his butter tea. Too bad the readership here can't see him. They cannot see him because Blogger refuses to upload his picture. People need things to look at.

Just Zen it, LaMai, just Zen it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, really too bad! Keep trying? Now I want butter tea, too. -jama