temporarily dead

I had a nightmare last night.

I dreamt that the Alexander's Maitresse bloggy readers complained about my uploading two photos of myself on the same page. "What is wrong with you, vain woman?" the bloggy readers said. "No photos of A, but you put two of you?" (Well, if it has not become apparent to anyone, I never put up photos of A, for the simple fact that I cherish the security of my family. Want to hunt me down? Fine. Please do. I'll even dress for the occasion. Hunt my child down, and think of the ending of the movie Fargo. I will not hesitate to protect my kid).

Honestly, I am not vain. I just rarely have my photo taken. Especially by two well-known photographers in one week. Sheesh.

I also dreamt that the bloggy readership held a Mexican party (collectively, and I have no idea how Calletta, Becky, Lynne, Jill, and everyone else managed to do that) and I wasn't invited. That hurt.

There was another segment to the dream about my other blog Not Gone Fishing. I noticed Calletta took down her link to it. That was my snafu, entirely. It will be up shortly. Apologies for talking about a (temporarily) dead blog. I am still posting on TypePad, so there will be stuff to read there.

Zat ees all.


Calletta said...

I wasn't sure what had happened! But when it comes back, I'll be happy to put the link back up.

As for the Mexican party--you know, I used to work in a place where a bunch of the co-workers would go out every so often for a Mexican lunch, and I was almost never invited. . . So I would never do that to anyone.

Princess Ennui said...

Vain. Hm. Not what I was thinking.
"OY, there she is with SVZ, thank you very much." and "OMG, how does she look YOUNGER in each one?" (not that we're all that old...but you seriously look about 22 in the pic from the sartorialist).

Party? I missed a party? Are you kidding me?