Yak butter tea.

If you have ever taken milk with your tea and liked it, and you are adventurous, a taste of Po Cha, or Bocha, might be the thing for you.

Alexander and I went to Tsampa, a Tibetan restaurant in the East Village, last night and ordered Bocha from the menu.

A: I can't wait to try this.
Me: Don't get too excited. It might be one of those "acquired taste" things.

He tastes it.

A: Excuse me, miss? [he motions to the waitress]
Waitress: Yes?
A: Is this made from yak butter?
Waitress: No, hah hah, we can't get yak butter here. We use cow butter.
A: Oh.


A: It's not yak butter.
Me: A travesty.
A: I want it with yak butter.
Me: We will have to climb the Himalayas one day.
A: With a sherpa.
Me: And sleep in a tent.
A: And light candles made of yak butter.
Me: Oh yeah, they do that, don't they?
A: Yeah. And they carve these cool pictures into the yak butter candles.
Me: Maybe the Dalai Lama will visit us.
A: No, we'll have to go to India for that.
Me: What if we entice him with our yak butter tea and yak butter candles in our tent at Base Camp One? He won't be able to resist.
A: Mom. It's the Dalai Lama.
Me: We'll have to settle for company of our sherpa, then.
A: Good. Because he'll have the yak butter.

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