and on the third day...

A has not been feeling well. Three days in a row with malaise and some fever (on his birthday, he came home early from school on a white horse called "Central Taxi"). Today I received a call from his Science teacher; it is official school policy that parents are allowed to request homework on the third day of a student's illness.

So I, Maitresse, have done some deciphering. I read: parents are required to kiss up to teachers but DEMAND homework on the third day of a student's illness lest said parent appear to be less competitive/valuable/upstanding than the rest of the competitive/valuable/upstanding families in your village.

Yes, village.

The friendly lady Science teacher informed me that she had collected the homework assignments from the other teachers for me and put them into a tidy packet, as well. Well, that was mighty generous. In the packet were included some websites where A could look up his homework assignments online and catch up.

Whatever happened to *resting* when one is sick? Good grief.

Catherine phoned. It's been a long hiatus. She was working a film festival for nearly a month. Catherine has a billion artistic jobs around the City that keep her busy during some inconvenient times; I do not complain. Once she has A under her supervision, she is spontaneous and generous in too many ways that I can mention.

And like me, Catherine is broke most of the time. So I think some womanly supportive quid pro quo is in order.

Why do I have Liv Tyler here? I don't know. Maybe a longing for what I might have been. My parents named me after Ingmar Bergman's other wife.

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