Overheard on the westside subway train...

Mother to young boy: Give me the flowers. Now. Give them to me!
[Boy is three feet away, and blocked by a person. He tosses the flower bundle to his mom.]
Mother to young boy: Now. You WILL NOT get to play your Playstation 2 for 3 HOURS because you threw them disrespectfully to me!
Boy: Let me try again! Let me try again. Please.
[Subway passengers smile, some emit "awww" sounds.]
Mother to young boy: No. No Playstation for you. For 3 hours.
[Boy covers his face and sobs.
Mother reads paper.]

If my aim were to teach the boy good manners, I would have allowed the second chance (but perhaps would have reduced the Playstation time, instead of eliminate it altogether).


Violet said...

Yes, but you probably would have asked the boy to pass the flowers in such respectful way. Something like, "Son would you please pass me the flowers," would possibly have seen the flowers actually *passed* rather than tossed. :-)

'Scuse my bung grammar - rather tired tonight.

Anonymous said...

actually, I don't get how docking PS2 time is a logical consequence to being rude...??? but who knows... maybe this was an ongoing problem and he had been warned "the next time you..." I agree though that the best way to get kids to be polite is to model it for them...

la Maitresse said...

I agree with you both.