Got up this morning...

...at 7:33 a.m., 18 minutes before A was supposed to head out the door for school.

Emergency wake-up plan consisted of: Quick bathroom run. Muesli, milk. Yogurt. Orange juice. Bookbag. Did you pack your homework in it? Kisses! [door shuts]

This is where Maitresse thinks, Gee, if we were homeschooling full-time, the wake-up time wouldn't be an issue. This is like...using formula instead of breastmilk. Or something. [Maitresse breastfed A for three whole years, mind you]

Our Lady of IKEA did it again. A's room is finally pulling together. Cords and cables nicely gathered in an IKEA-designed plastic cord bunchy. IKEA TV and DVD wall stand, installed. Glamorös mobile, installed. 4 different kinds of lighting, installed. Birch wood shoe rack, check. Silver blinds on window, installed. Inexpensive and stylish chair, bed and table, on the way. Giant Robot (from comics store, not IKEA): in place. Next: frame comic books in home-made frames and place on walls. Manga room, here we come.

Did I mention that I got a few 25-cent mugs from IKEA, too?

Is anyone planning to register their child for the National Geographic Bee? Send me a comment if you are.

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