In brief...

We are learning the map of the U.S. for the National Geographic Bee. We have been learning the "sides" first (the West Side: Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California), the four corner states, now the East side states. We are learning one chunk of states per week.

I am taking absolutely forever in filling out A's CNED form. What is holding me up? The sections entitled "Renseignements pédagogiques" and "Renseignements complémentaires." Ech.

This Land is an American-made 'net animation. I rate it "PG" due to its alternative word for "behind." Edit: There's more offensive stuff in it (a quasi-South Park style animation. Definitely for adults only). It's one of the most even-handed funnies I've seen in a while.


Donna said...

Hi Maitresse~
We love geography at our house and the best teaching tool I ever purchased was World Discovery Deluxe cd-rom. http://www.superkids.com/aweb/pages/reviews/socstud1/world/merge.shtml

My girl had all states and capitals, rivers, lakes, landmarks, etc. memorized in about a week. It is great fun.
Hope you don't mind the plug - no one's paying me ;o)

la Maitresse said...

don't mind the plug at all... ; )