Oh bugger.

Next door neighbor thought it would be cute if she would 1) invite me over for a drink at her place while the kids trick-or-treat and 2) invite a man over to check me out for a potential date. Mr. Man was actually sent to my front door to walk over to friend's house. Then he says, "You far exceeded my expectations." Huh? Mr. Man is said to be - so far - head over heels. Maitresse, unfortunately, cannot say the same of Mr. Man. I would actually prefer to wretch right now.

Friends do not put friends up on impromptu dates or introductions (without fair warning). Good grief.

p.s. if anyone otherwise happens to know Ralph Fiennes well enough to make an introduction, drop me a line. After all, he was homeschooled for a bit. We could talk about homeschooling. Or something.

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