Questions, questions...

Maitresse to A's Social Studies teacher: Does your school participate in the National Geographic Bee?
Mr. Teacher: Yes. We do every year. It's a very exciting time for the kids.
Maitresse: OK, great! And...erm...may Alexander turn in his typed assignment one day late, since we have had 2 trojan horses (not the kind Homer would have thought of, mind) and a virus attack our computer?
Mr. Teacher: Sure, no problem. And by the way, your kid is a great student. We talk a bit about A's homeschooling, and THEN HE SAYS, Kudos to you, Maitresse!

Wow. I mean, huh?

A public school teacher stroking my homeschooling ego? Never happened before. I mean, never.


ItineraryMarletteandGuisseppe got me thinking about this book. The Socratic method in law school is not quite like the classical Socratic method. Wouldn't it be great if we spent some time really exploring the issues that bug us or perplex us in honest Socratic fashion?

Even the platforms of the Presidential candidates would appear clearer (and if you are undecided at this point between the two very different candidates who have two drastically different agenda, and felt that you required more debate-viewing on Wednesday evening to decide, sorry voter you are).

A has been asking about the Geneva Convention accords. We have looked at Articles 2 and 3.

Questions we have contemplated: What is a High Contracting Party (country) to the GC accords? If you are not from a Contracting Party of the GC accords, should you be treated as said in the GC accords? What if you come from a country which signed the accords, but your country, as a nation, has not declared involvement in your conflict?

[some of the answers are in the GC accords]

Are the accords meant to be applied universally? Was that the motive of the Geneva Convention in creating them?

Are the accords, as they are written, like the "Golden Rule"? Or not?

Yes, we have been talking about terrorism, and the prison situation in Iraq. Deep stuff and our conversations have kept us up until the wee hours.

Spotted a couple of these on some hip-looking Manhattanites. They are Swiss and made out of Truck tarp. Eco-friendly, brightly-colored, and hip. Should I get one? Hmmmm...


Orion said...

If you're studying the Geneva Conventions, check out this article about what's going on in Darfur. Plenty more voilations going on there, and the International community is just sitting on their hands.

la Maitresse said...

thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

We have been talking about the Hague Conventions... especially #28 - the hague convention about international child abduction - found here:
http://hcch.e-vision.nl/index_en.php - the same questions come up - what if a child is abducted to a country where they are not signatories?
- lisa (lisa_sharp77@hotmail.com)

la Maitresse said...

great link....I guess, personally, re: a child abduction, I'd just pack 'em and go "Lara Croft" into that non-signatory country...

Just kidding (or not?). I see more topics to keep me and A up late at night...