And then we ate chocolate...

Tonight, A and I opened a National Geographic political wall map (that had been folded, not on the wall) and played, "where is it?" and after we figured out the where, we asked, "what about it?" for about an hour. Coupled with his studies using the Kingfisher History of the World, I believe that he knows much, much more world geography than I did at age 11.

And that's as it should be.

Earlier today, A headed over to our Swedish neighbors' house and helped out his classmate there with homework. I think that A is secretly attempting to learn yet another language. I ask you, dear reader, to not tell anyone.

Also today, A asked me about the Magnetic North Pole. Is there a magnetic pole placed there? I tried to remember the stuff that my Geography, Physics and Biology professors taught me. Nothing in the grey matter to pull out a decent answer. Fortunately, I found this.

Our film and music appreciation for this week was comprised of viewing "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" and "This is Spinal Tap." Note: A has been exposed to a variety of somewhat more mature films, stimuli, and environments, with my supervision or guidance. I do a lot of prep before we sit down and watch a given movie. A watched the Monty Python flick three times.

We ate Swiss chocolate tonight - one of two remaining bars, out of the original 30 I brought home.

"Your amphora handles look like hydria handles." Yeah, ok. But the chocolate tastes so good.

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