This is a call...

To visit Darby's blog, because aside from the artist, Darby gets credit for this wonderful pic.

Other bloggers: please know that I am fully aware that you visit my site, that you post links to my site, and I am truly, truly grateful that you mention this blog. The reason I haven't created a proper links setup for the blogs that I frequent, is that the last time I tried to insert my blog links into my new template, I wiped out my blog (See, Sarah? I really don't have a brain). So Sarah at Poppins, you rock. L at MySchola, you rock. Concierge Services at ItineraryMarletteandGuisseppe, you guys rock. Mental M-Mv, you rock. Modern Mother, you rock. Donna at Rustling Leaves, you rock. Mthelikon, you rock. Writingandliving, you rock. Oro et Laboro, you rock. Lisa (what is your blog address?), you rock. Orion, you rock!.

And...I hope you have noticed, that in no order of importance, you all rock. Including the ones I was too daft to mention here. You rock. Because you found my blog, and we found each other, and we are all just great like that.

I think I am going get my hanky now...

p.s. - I am blogging from a computer that is not my own. Forgive the erratic posts for the time being.


Anonymous said...

Sniff, sniff (don't know why, not preggers, don't feel hormonal, but I feel the community kinship)! You rock too Maitresse!

Concierge Services

J o y c e said...

La Mai!

Hi there, I added you to my sidebar; you rock to!

And here's a freebie funny. My 8 yr old son was doing prima latina last semester; there was Christ Reigns, Christ Conquers and something else (I'm so tired I cant' remember) The flashcard was Christus Vicit or something for Christ Conquers, and he blurted out, laughing, Christ ROCKS!!!! He said, "Do you know that word, Mom, "rocks!" That's SchoolerTalk!" he was so proud of himself for picking up on SchoolerSlang!

okay, not taht funny, but i'm not backing up and deleting it.

Joyce, who things too much Labora does not rock! *wink*

la Maitresse said...

"La Mai" - I like it, even if it sounds a little like "J. Lo." ; )

OK, sorry I left your blog out...and yes, you rock!

Orion said...

Sweet, thanx for the shout-out! And trust me, my blog's about to get a lot more interesting. I may call on you, La Mai, I've never had to take a fatherhood role before, and I may come to you for some education advice! Since I like what you have A on for educatation.

la Maitresse said...

OK Joyce, I didn't leave your blog out. Man, I am parnaoid.