On croquet balls and flamingos...

Last night I had a fever. Alexander was studying cell biology for a test, and unfortunately, my fever worsened. I began babbling. Endoplasmic reticulum? Oh yes, A, just think of Hampton Court. And the ribosomes are croquet balls. And I don't know what we can call the flamingos...maybe... Um, no, mom, I'll think of a maze for the endoplasmic reticulum. But it's so much like Hampton Court! A looked at me with his trademark hah hah hah mom you are tripping expression. But A, the diplomat, instead said,

Mom, you need to stop thinking so much. Just rest. Let me bring you some Tylenol.

note to self: He's going to make a good husband one day.

And now, a day and lots of rest later, I believe I really fell down a rabbit hole with the cell biology.


Donna said...

It's nice when a young man exhibits good husband traits early in life :o) I hope you're feeling better.

la Maitresse said...

; )

and yes, I'm feeling better, thanks!