Man, this is a big pic

Whenever I step out of BigLaw, I see one of these, usually being pedaled by a bunch of laughing, happy tourists, headed up or down Broadway, onto a side street where Chicago or the Producers is showing, and back again to its starting spot on Broadway. And sometimes driven by a big black man dressed in a Wonder Woman costume.

It is getting cold in New York. Today I saw calf-length boots everywhere, for the first time this season.

A's birthday is coming up. It will be a small affair.

Got to plan the Writing Strands and Singapore Math properly this week. Our afterschool schedule, now that we are easing into institutional school life, has been erratic.

I am not worried. Our full-time homeschool schedule had been erratic initially, as well. It takes time getting the right rhythm on those mommy-teacher pedals.

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