BTBSB Headmaster personally e-mails LaMai.

Some backstory (if this a repeat for you, please press "FF" on your remote):

We received an "application received" letter from Big Time Boarding School B two weeks ago. It was a boilerplate letter. No school prospectus, no request for interview, nothing. The letter basically said, "Standby, yo. We'll make our decision without you. And we're not telling you what we're basing it on. Please don't visit. Don't call US. We'll call YOU..."

This school is very prestigious, has beaucoup dollars, and is well staffed, so I was surprised we would receive such a flimsy acknowledgement. This school rhymes with "RothMiss."

Then BTBSB sends an e-mail to A: "Your decision is coming soon! Here's your login username and password! Make sure you don't check the decision by yourself! You should really have your family with you!"

LaMai, now being an expert in the art of rejection, decided to write a pre-emptive e-mail. My e-mail said (more or less): "Yo, brother, don't bother. We didn't get jack from you people. You think we're stupid? Don't set up my kid for disappointment, kay, player?" Maybe I grabbed my crotch, too. (Okay, this post has been osmotically influenced by DMX. A is writing a report about explicit lyrics in music. I've heard "Up in Here" this morning more times than I care to count).

The Headmaster replied. This morning. It was a very long e-mail. The e-mail was full of "please understand"s and "I look forward to reviewing your son's application."

My answer?

"Thank you for personally responding to my concerns."


Manda said...

Well, it's cool that they sent a personal note anyway.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried applying to any viable summer boarding programs while you wait? It could be an in for those on a wait list.