Yesterday (and yesterday and yesterday) and Today


Writing, Math at the co-op.

Lunch with friends from co-op at their usual pizza place.

Proteins class, UWS.

At home:

Finish play for Tuesday playwriting class.


Work for 5 hours assisting mostly grad students in the darkroom.

Finish play for playwriting.

Playwriting: class, plus pizza, soda, salad. I meet A to pick him up but learn the students have been given tickets to the musical "Wicked" this evening.

A: Mom, is it okay if the show finishes at 10 o'clock?
Me: Of course, hon. Have fun!

Make sure A has earband (earmuffs), hat, gloves, thick scarf, coat totally buttoned up. [I head to burrito bar in the West Village to meet Big Time Publishing House Editor for $3.50 margaritas.]


Physics. 3 Lessons completed in Saxon Physics.

No Proteins class.


Math. 4 lessons completed in Saxon Algebra.

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