Our Applications -- A review.

10th Grade Entry --

Public Schools:

No offer from the specialized high schools.

No offer from the "Fame" school.

Awaiting offers from two public high schools which required testing and interview, phs/ec and secondary artsy school.

Private Schools:

WL with the Downtown Progressive School. A firm acceptance will be given if they can award tuition remission.

Rejection from Bucolic Campus School.

Rejection from Wild Card School.

No answer from Dalton. No answer from Collegiate. These schools seem to be "full" and are using the "wait and see" approach in case there is an attrition of their numbers.


Boarding Schools:

Decisions out on March 10.

BTBSA just sent us an "applicaiton complete" card. Their correspondence with us has been pretty regular.

BTBSB sent us a boilerplate letter stating our application was complete. No correspondence until I got "street" with the Email Robot that prompted the Headmaster to personally respond to me.

BTBSC has requested a phone interview with Alex. This after I tried postponing the interview to April during my awful bout this week with flu.

Totally Out of Left Field Boarding School has our application and we hope to hear from them. TOLFB would be my first choice boarding school after reading about it, and learning that it is a mere 55 miles from New York City.

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Thanks for the review and good luck!